Deceased, pain and lack of respect towards physicians and the elderly in Spain


June 2020.- A year ago, our colleagues from ‘Diario Médico’ published during the week of 26/05/2019, DURING the celebration of the European Elections, the following headline: “Political parties do not provide petitions regarding #health and #pharmacy in the European Elections held in 2019 “.

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This Spanish newspaper is Diario Médico (DM) and has great #journalists, all graduates and veterans, and # doctors in their team. 

A year ago, our politicians were concerned about the Big Data scenario. That is, having # technologies capable of analyzing data. MAY 2019.

People… NOW # Mayo2020 -unconsciously- need to look for a good cop and a bad cop.

Our minds need a political party to get them out of this dramatic situation. But, in this situation, which is the good party and which is the bad party?

Ask the relatives of the #deceased.

This newspaper reported in # Mayo2019 that parties didn’t answer their questions quickly. In fact, one of them did not even reply to ‘Diario Médico’. Health was allegedly not a priority for them.

Curiously – that week of 2019 – we also contacted all the parties. They were all very overwhelmed. Their priority was to “approve the budgets.” We have it in writing. Curious, because political positions are of service to society. Their wages are paid with everyone’s tax money.

We all have friends in most political parties. And there are good people in all political parties.. But #health was supposedly “much less important than budgets” for them. Basically,  we could potentially have to wait over a  month to talk about access to #medication (which was the reason for our call then). In other words, they were not interested in the questions from ‘Diario Médico’ or ours which were from our  #patients. Because in writing they told us that  “Our priority is  budgets.”

At the closing of the DM edition, our politicians DIDN’T know what to request #Europe regarding  Health Services  in # MAY2019. Because in the end, what difference does it make if health service is managed by X or Y… Economy comes first and so does IBEX 35. And then, everything else comes after. Isn’t it true? THIS newspaper, from  # May2019, is available to all those  who want to access it.  It is a totally neutral newspaper.

One year later. # MAY2020. We have had  5,000 deaths, according to Dr. Simon, lost in  traffic accidents. . Plus another 28,000 DEAD by # Covid19 – having disappeared today – because they had lost other statistics. Because they had lost another 1,800 deceased people who hadn’t been taken into account and they have recovered 450 deceased in EXCEL. And today they have been able to recuperate, the 27/5/2020 another 12,000 deceased in # catalonia. 

However, close to 70,000 fewer pensions have been pain in Spain compared to the same time period last year.  In other words, they continue to lose the counting of the  deceased in our country. But little by little they appear.

Be that as it may, the deaths in the first 5 months of 2019 do NOT fit with those who died in the first 5 months of 2020. Check the figures because they are public. And there are NOT 30,000 deceased. They double the amount…

And to finish,  – and there they cannot deceive us – there are 49 great #healthcareworkers in heaven. These have not been lost because they were collegiated. 

Some of them were about to retire. What a great idea to put retired clinicians to work against an unknown pathogen.  And we warned them…

Deceased without sanitary protection. Gambling with their lives. And, the super-politicians – so happy – in their press conferences. Tobacconists selling dolls and jeans. (We have the photos).

Our # politicians appearing very freshly looking and making Fernando Simón lie …, who is the one who has stood up, and has taken all the smacks. The shield man who lost his voice in an act of service.

He has been left with an excruciatingly difficult job by his colleagues. Not even  Tom Cruise in #Misionimposible.

Instead of giving sanitary masks to our doctors, all our politicians have been attending  press conferences. Now I say this… But, then I “get rid of having said that …”. That is political journalism.

And not a single party has provided a single aid to #clinicians or #healthcareworkers. Clinicians asking SOS due to a  lack of #health protections and #medicine. And, don’t tell us that they didn’t have time to planify this… because many other countries did. Look at #Portugal.

We saved your SOS videos. Great surgeons from the Ramón y Cajal Hospital

And, now, we are faced with older people who, after being  #confined for 3 months, it turns out that -as they had previously traveled and related-  they have  IgG antibodies to # covid19 and negative  IgM. And, now they ask us. “Why have we been confined for 64 days after working our whole lives and having antibodies against # covid19?”

It would have been more logical to clean the streets and, later,  patients and clinicians who would have wanted to, would have undergone serological tests – they would have even paid for them voluntarily- Without strategy. The boat adrift like the Eurovision song.

#Volunteers relentlessly working, without a break.  Claiming politicians exit permits for children with pathologies and the elderly with #atrophies and #haemostasis and cognitive deterioration due to confinement. People who could have left since day 1 wearing their protective sanitary mask and protections and being able to be happily outdoors avoiding closed places. And so we would have avoided those medical consequences  with the correct protections.

Now we have a government that does not allow rapid serological tests to be carried out at € 5, the official price given by European and American multinationals for large quantities. Mrs. Ayuso has bought them at that price. We are neutral. But many older people already had masks in January of 2020.

The serum of these confined elderly – without previous pathologies – could have saved the lives of #deceased doctors. But our politicians were still concerned about being on TV.

Gentlemen, there was NO money for #masks, but there were 15 million euros to buy televisions.

For the first time, the fourth power was purchased and dearest doctors valued more than your protective materials. WOW…

Our politicians didn’t want to study the # immune system. Young and the elderly with Confined Antibodies. And, watched under time frames. Withoutknowing if they had antibodies. And, without being treated in their health center for other diseases (hypothyroidism, glucose disorders). What a disgrace…. because clearly not everything was # covid19 and they were sent homeHow ugly. We think that a Mercadona cashier can work, and yet a health center official and a judge cannot. What type of  classism are we facing? 

An opposition that is very elegant … and measured when the subject was very serious. They all seem like a big family with an assigned role in the big theater. An entertainment which is even going to compete with  soccer. For real. Because you spend hours watching this theater and its characters. This cinema is interesting.

 #politicians who collect their subsistence and travel allowances -without even traveling- and a millionaire salary and they are more concerned with #votes than #lives…

In the midst of this mess of style and elegance on the part of  #politicians, the doctors at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital desperately demanded their need for  #masks. Everything was documented. They faced extreme conditions and they were begging in very  unfortunate conditions. “I am a surgeon. I need masks. “

Sometimes you have to punch the table. Like when your children need limits and you let out a cry of “Enough is enough.”

There are times when one has to face #injustice. You can’t play with lives in the theater. Then they go to the disco together … we need  a little respect for the lives of the elderly and our clinicians.

Lives are priceless

Is his  mother’s life worth less than your grandson’s? His mother could potentially save his grandson form falling outside the window. We need to be careful… 

And what difference does # politics make when you lose the person you loved most. . You don’t care about  money, houses and jewelry when you can’t breathe because you have lost the person you loved. With a respirator, which party would you vote for?

#Nobodyworriedabouthealthcareworkers #thisisreality. Apologize to the # doctors and #healthcareworkers.  Go visit the doctors who were in the first line of fire. Ask the managers of all the hospitals in Spain for lists. 

You should double the salaries of the doctors who said “I am a doctor rather than a specialist in my Unit.”

Ban peonies and ban 24-hour  night shifts.  Because they harm both the  mental and emotional health of these #clinicians.

How many times at 4:00 pm do we meet our neighbor wo is a doctor -who works in a public hospital in the mountains- and she tells us with her best smile “I can’t drive because I’m dizzy after not sleeping in 24 hours. I take a lot of public transports… ”Is that human? YEARS and years the same phrase from an excellent doctor who loves her job. 


THESE ARE THE FACTS. FROM THE MOST EXTREME OBJECTIVITY. THE DOCTORS WE KNOW HAVE TO WORK AFTERNOONS IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR  to be able to  have a decent life or fill their lives with night shifts which  harm their health.


WITH THEIR #PSOERenovado BEAUTY THEY HAVE NOT TAKEN CARE OF OUR #PROFESSIONALS. Our doctors – who just like our math teachers or any other humble civil servants – THEY CANNOT WORK IN OTHER #COMMUNITIES such as # Catalonia or #Valencia because they don’t speak  # Catalan or # Basque or # Valencian.  All professionals were accrediting their C1 in European languages. Scientific papers are written in English and regulations and norms are written  in Spanish. In Europe – despite having commissions for the independent villages – neither Basque nor Catalan is spoken.


Our great talents in #research and #medicine who have no commitments to their elders GO TO other countries. THEY LEAVE BECAUSE YOU THEY AREN’T  valued here.  Their salaries of TOP politicians are more important than the health of all # Spaniards. But, curiously, Spanish people get  tired. And #Europe has also grown  tired of giving them money. Since 1992 they have been giving money to the commission of independent countries. But they will rescue them again. As usual.

In honor of our deceased or “lost” in an excel sheet or #bigdata program we are very sorry from the bottom of our  hearts that they have had to suffer this #pain.  

#PabloCasadoBlanco #SantiagoAbascal #PSOERenovated #Inés Arrimadas #PedroSánchez Pérez-Castejón #EuropeanComission #Felipe González Márquez

Neither Fernando Morán, nor Julio Anguita, nor Manuel Fraga Iribarne, nor Adolfo Suarez would have sold Spain’s #elderly or their #healthcareworkers in this way.  It is #disrespectful. They were all honourable people.  And Fernando Morán. He screamed against an injustice and he was serious and honest. They were all interviewed. A different political class. 

Think and act like good men and women, # politicians with our #clinicians and #healthcareworkers. . ASK FOR FORGIVENESS AND TAKE ACTION NOW. BECAUSE MORE PATHOGENS ARE GOING TO COME. AND OUR INVESTIGATORS need #funds to be able to investigate.

Most of us have never voted for the same party. Like almost all Spaniards.

When they tell us to  “not  write about politics”. I tell them, “Now we don’t believe in them. They don’t care about people. ” But when #patients cannot access #medication, health informants -superior graduates- and collegiate healthcare professionals have to speak with all #parties to be able to obtain it. Even traveling to Portugal to get a sad #vaccine for young children because in # Spain there has not been enough stock. All #pharmacists know this reality. Us,  – as health professionals – a year ago couldn’t not find the hepatitis B vaccine which was  mandatory for # healthworkers.

Therefore, unfortunately, we have to talk about #healthpolitics  and train our society in issues such as #immunesystem #haemostasisprevention, etc.

And, for this, we have experts who have already #migrated.

They have seen us suffer from pain, according to the EVA scale a 10. And they know that everything we say is true. You can be sick and work without driving because  our brain works perfectly. We have everything documented.

That is the reality gentlemen # politicians of # Spain Collegiate Medical Organization of Spain

We are volunteers in some entities. We don’t need to be liked by anyone because for that  “You have to sell ice cream”, as Steve Jobs said.

Writing with a mobile phone is not easy. We will review written messages…. Not deceased like our politicians.

We pray that this does not happen again. Get ready for the next one. They have all summer to work. Like us. While Catalan politicians have already announced that their  salary will be raised,  Mercadona donates food. What a pity…

#health journalism #health policy.

María Huerta Ruiz. Volunteer of the Sanitary Press Department of @alianzacontraeldolor

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